Northland Living Center 382 Main Street Jackman, Maine 04945

Located in the beautiful Moose River Valley of Jackman, Maine, Northland Living Center is an Intermediate Care Facility serving Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities ICF/IID. Known for its person-centered care and family-like environment, Northland Living Center provides residential and habilitative services, skills training and adjunctive therapies with 24-hour nursing supervision. Our staff are devoted to ensuring each individual residing at Northland Living Center will expand and maintain their highest level of independence in communication, activities of daily living and social skills. Upon admission, residents and their families become a part of a unique, extended family. We work together with families to identify and develop the best learning methods that are unique to each individual.

Upon entering the facility, it is evident that each individual that considers Northland their home as a special place to live. Each bedroom is specifically designed for that resident. The open dining and living areas help to accommodate unrestricted movement. The large deck, and open back yard help to make our facility as home-like as possible. In the summer, flowers and vegetables sprout up around the outside of the facility, carefully maintained by staff and residents together. Residents are encouraged to choose vegetables and bring them to the kitchen for preparing.

Northland’s off-site Day Program is yet another way we offer a full continuum of care. At the nearby Program Center, residents have the opportunity to work on fundamental life skills to enhance their social skills in the community. Northland Program Center focuses on self-enrichment, physical fitness, self-awareness and motivation, and addresses sensory, motor and psychological needs.

Respite Care may also be available at Northland Living Center, based upon bed availability. Respite Care provides families with temporary relief from the demands of providing ongoing care for their loved one. We can offer this on a short or long term basis depending on the needs of the individual.

Our staff are aware of the importance of continued integration with family and friends outside of the facility. Many trips are planned to bring individuals to family functions, appointments or just for a visit. Many outside activity trips are planned to include camping, museums, shopping, sports and parades.

We hope that you will visit Jackman to see all that we can offer to a person that requires this level of care. To contact someone for a tour, please call (207) 668-3221.


Northland Living Center 382 Main Street Jackman, Maine 04945Northland Living Center 382 Main Street Jackman, Maine 04945

For additional information regarding our facility and the services we offer, please contact us at (207)668-3221

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Northland Living Center

Address: Northland Living Center 382 Main Street Jackman, Maine 04945